Hayley and her husband were super professional and amazingly helpful and took care of so many details and made our wedding run super smoothly. I cannot recommend them enough!!! Reasonably priced as well. I am still trying to figure out how they got so much accomplished the day of my wedding!! Thank you guys so much!!

Love, Brooke

Hayley and her team were such a great help to me and my wife. They took all stress away and listened to everything we wanted. Both the planning and the actual wedding day were phenomenal thanks to this amazing team. They're all friendly and truly care about your big day. I know we couldn't have done it without them! Highly recommend!

Love, Andy


My husband and I are so happy with our choice in hiring the Fairytale Pursuits team to help make our special day perfect. I'm someone who asks lots of questions and Hayley had no hesitation in answering them, she was quick to respond to email and texts, and was there was for us every step of the way. Our wedding day was absolutely beautiful and it wouldn't have run so smoothly or looked so magical without the help of Fairytale Pursuits. To this day people are still telling us they had the time of their lives at our wedding and it makes me so happy knowing not only was it perfect for us but everyone else as well. From beginning to end I couldn't have done it without Hayley and her team and already miss being around them! For all future brides, if you are stuck on your first step to wedding planning and how to get things started I highly recommend hiring Fairytale Pursuits. Best choice I've ever made!

Love, Raynay

I hired Hayley after reading so many great reviews about her experience and service, and she definitely lived up to those reviews. She and her assistant were so organized and made our wedding day go off without a hitch. At the last minute we had to move inside because of the weather and they were on top of things to the point I was actually glad it turned out that way. Hayley is so easy to work with and so accommodating. They stayed throughout the reception and did not leave until it was over and everything was taken care of properly. I did not have to worry about anything and that made our special day fun, stress free and one to remember forever. I keep saying I want to go back and re-live that day, and isn't that what every bride wants when it comes to her wedding? I would recommend Hayley to any couple who wants a wedding that is smooth, stress free and fun!

Love, Karen


When we were planning our wedding, many of the details had already been thought out and completed. Nonetheless, we still needed to have the remaining details reviewed and executed, such as aisle and table decor and the itineraries. We were so glad to bring these girls on board to assist us with these aspects of the wedding. Due to the large size of the bridal party as well as the wedding in general, it was such a relief to have the presence of their team to keep the group organized and help them with each of their responsibilities. They also coordinated with all of our other vendors and took tasks away from the Maid of Honor so that she could focus on the bride and enjoy the occasion herself. There was an incident at our wedding where, as a bride, I was thankful that the mother and daughter duo were there to comfort me and remedy the issue. Everything turned out alright, but sometimes a couple simply needs kind attention and that's exactly what they provided. In addition to identifying and mitigating several day of situations, they were instrumental on rehearsal night and many late night requests during the planning as well. Thank you ladies for all your efforts and attention to us and our guests!

Love, Linna