Wondering why you should hire us? Wondering why you even need a wedding planner at all?

That's easy!

  • Hiring a wedding planner will save you time and money - guaranteed. Weddings take hundreds of hours to plan, and cost thousands of dollars, and it's easy to leave things until the last minute and overspend to avoid the hassle. When you hire a planner, your wedding becomes top priority, and they can use their connections and knowledge of the industry to negotiate services and find great vendors in your budget.
  • A planner will handle any crisis that comes up, and minimize the stress on you and your fiancé. They'll be the point-person for vendors, be there to handle wedding day mishaps while you're getting ready and enjoying yourself, and guide you through the planning process with ease.

Now, why should we be that planner?

We love weddings, but our clients make us love weddings so much more. Our couples are our favorite thing about weddings. You and your love story are the exact reason why we do what we do. It's not a job, it's a passion. There's nothing like watching the look on a groom's face when he sees his bride for the first time. There's nothing like watching a bride tear up when she hears him say "I do." Seeing a couple so in love celebrating such a special moment in their lives is nothing short of incredible. Making that incredible moment come to life is what we do. That gorgeous love story is why. Our passion for your love story and our strong desire to create the day you've always dreamed of is why we're the perfect planners to bring your wedding to life.


Packages start at $1,400