Tuesday Tips: What's Trending

For this week's Tuesday Tip, we've decided to talk about this year's wedding trends! If you want to incorporate the newest trends into your wedding, there's so many ways to do it!



Pantone releases a color of the year and 2017's color is greenery. Since it's an interesting take on the trending color, brides have already jumped right in with finding unique ways to incorporate it into their color scheme.

Metallics are also becoming extremely popular. Whether it's silver, gold, rose gold, or even copper, more and more brides are loving adding that extra shine into their decor.


Again with the greenery. From lush garlands, to renting potted plants and trees, and even to finding a venue with a major nature factor, live greenery is just one of the many ways we've already seen brides incorporate this year's hottest color.

Hanging focal points are on the rise. Many brides are draping their venues in Edison bulbs, flowy draping, and installing floral chandeliers to add a huge wow factor to the ambiance.



Guest experience has become the most important focus for a couple planning their wedding, and also the area where they'll spend the most money. Couples have set out to dazzle their guests with a fun-filled night that's including anything from simple lawn games to over-the-top performances.

Even place cards have started to take unique twists in an effort to wow the guests at the table. With couples using everything from magnolia leaves to rocks and gemstones, and small succulents to fruit, nothing is out the question  when it comes to telling guests where to sit.

We only hit on a few of 2017's most popular ideas today, but if you'd like to see more, let us know in the comments!