Friday Introductions: Meet the Team

We recently got to do a super fun photo shoot in uptown Charlotte, so we decided that we'd do a fun team introduction to share with the pictures! We love for our couples to get to us as much as we get to know them, so we figured we'd share some fun facts with everyone. Enjoy reading about the mother-daughter duo and looking at these gorgeous pictures by MILK + HONEY Photography Co.


The daughter part of the duo, Hayley is the lead wedding planner for Fairytale Pursuits. She planned tons of parties alongside her mom, and went on to plan parties and fundraisers for friends throughout college, so she couldn't think of a better career to pursue. She attended UNC Charlotte for most of her college years, and has a career diploma in wedding and event planning. Hayley is a newlywed herself (married in January - so she's been on both sides of the planning process!), and lives with her husband, Luke, and their sweet eskimo furbaby named Koda.


Fun Facts about Hayley:

  • Her favorite color is pink....or anything that sparkles.
  • She's obsessed with Dr. Pepper and Nicholas Sparks novels.
  • She was a dancer for 20 years.
  • She has never missed an episode of any of the 18 seasons of the reality show "Big Brother."
  • She may be the only person in the world that can say she was urinated on by a jaguar (and lived!).
  • Favorite wedding moment: watching the groom's face when he sees the bride for the first time.
  • Best part of the job: Knowing that she had a part in the most memorable day of a couple's lives.


The mother part of the duo, Jenny is the creative designer for Fairytale Pursuits. She's been planning parties and church functions for as long as she can remember, and couldn't wait to be in business with her daughter. She has spent many years in both the retail and customer service industries, and is constantly finding new crafts to try. Jenny has been happily married for over 25 years, and lives with her husband, Steve, her son, Logan, and their terrier furbaby named Foxy.


Fun Facts about Jenny:

  • If she could be anywhere in the world, it would be on the beach.
  • She goes all out for Christmas decorating (where Hayley got it from!).
  • Her favorite season is fall.
  • She snacks on peanut butter sandwiches often.
  • She can create and plan a whole wedding, but can't ever find her car keys.
  • Favorite wedding moment: seeing the couple incorporate their families in a sentimental way.
  • Best part of the job: getting to take a couple's vision and make it a reality.